The Benefits of Robusta Coffee Beans

March 23 2023

The Benefits of Robusta Coffee Beans
The Benefits of Robusta Coffee Beans

If you’re a coffee-lover who’s not familiar with the infamous Robusta bean, you’re in for a serious treat. Robusta beans are some of the most highly caffeine beans in the entire world, which is why most roasts don’t use 100% Robusta for their grounds. (We love caffeine and that’s too much, even for us.) Here are just a few reasons why we include Robusta beans in our Very Strong Coffee:

  1. The Robusta Bean is Perfect for Camping

The intense caffeine levels make our blend the ideal rugged, early morning hunter and camper drink. Let’s just say you won’t have to slog through three cups of coffee before you feel the effects of this brew! You can easily make a small batch and be completely caffeinated for your day, ready to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

  1. The Flavour is Deliciously Bold

The critics of the Robusta might argue that the smell and taste of the beans are a little too bold. Personally, we love the intense flavour the bean has to offer; and — it’s my guess — you will agree. Our blend will contain a special mix of Robusta, so you get to experience the benefits of extra caffeine without being overwhelmed.

  1. There are Antioxidants Galore

People who are passionate about fitness and health love Robusta beans (especially our Very Strong Coffee!) This is partly because of their extra caffeine and partly because of the incredible antioxidants in a Robusta roast. Robusta beans have 25% – 80% more chlorogenic acid (CGA) than your average Arabica beans. CGA is wonderful for reducing inflammation both inside and out, as most antioxidants are. This can help with joint pain, skin issues, weight loss, and even preventing diabetes.

  1. And, Of Course, the Extra Caffeine

Arguably the biggest pro is, naturally, the extra caffeine that you get from our Robusta beans. There’s a reason this type of bean makes for a fantastic, strong coffee! Robusta beans contain almost twice as much caffeine as Arabica (2.7% versus 1.5%), which is typically around 10% of their dry weight compared with 5% to 8% for Arabica coffee. This allows you to get the most out of your blend (less coffee can get you far, which means you have to buy grounds less often,) and get an intense kick energy that Arabica simply cannot offer. If you have never tried Robusta before, it might be time. Arabica beans are certainly wonderful, but part of being a true coffee aficionado is trying different beans, roasts, and techniques to expand your palate and mind. Make sure to sign up for our subscription to get a monthly supply of our Very Strong Coffee to your door!