This is the story of two guys on a very special mission to make the UK’s strongest coffee.

The story starts with an airship, where James and Simon worked in operations. This is the kind of job that comes with crazy hours and a lot of responsibility.

Not the kind of thing you can get away with falling asleep on the job at.

Thing is, the coffee they were drinking didn’t touch the sides. Their eyelids still drooped, their faces hung and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Then they heard about this particular type of Robusta bean from Vietnam that was stronger than anything else out there.

Having drunk a lot of strong coffee, James and Simon knew that Robusta beans could be quite bitter.

So they did their research and found a unique wet polished method for processing the bean at the final stages of production. 

By removing the bean’s silvery skin, they allowed all the sweet and delicious flavours to come flooding out, not just the caffeine.

Next they worked with an expert roaster to refine a roasting process down to a fine art, creating a coffee with bold notes of dark chocolate with a lingering, smooth aftertaste.

The UK’s strongest coffee and the best tasting high caffeine coffee in the world.

And now the fruits of their labour can be yours - welcome to Very Strong Coffee.