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Perfect for Early Risers and Night Owls
Those Who Need a Stronger Brew
Helps You Focus on Your Goals
Intense Flavor for Coffee Lovers

Size | 250g

Type | Whole Bean

250g = 10 Cups | 500g = 20 Cups
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We offer free UK delivery and $9.95 for USA

Caffeine content

1350 mg per mug


Quality Robusta Beans

Most Robusta beans are bitter, but we use a Vietnamese Robusta variety, processed using a unique wet polished method at the final stages of production to remove the bean’s silvery skin, allowing all the sweet and delicious flavours to come flooding out, not just the caffeine.



A full-bodied punchy coffee with rich spicy characteristics and syrupy mouthfeel together with bold notes of dark chocolate with a lingering, smooth aftertaste. 


Roast & Grind

Dark roast, medium ground, suitable for all cafetiere, filter and home coffee makers

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Be More Alert & Keep Going Stronger

Need A Strong Coffee To Keep You Going?

👩‍⚕️ Help Through A Late Night Shift

🌞 Need A Morning Kick Start

🏋️ Need that Workout Boost

🤤 Just Love That Caffeine Kick

💪Very Strong Coffee Makes you...

Feel like you can conquer the world.

Helps you become a productivity ninja.

Have your secret weapon against mid-day crashes.

Have the strength to face any challenge.

Because adulating is hard, and strong coffee helps.


Take any coffee you’ve ever had in the UK and then make it stronger. That's strong.

We are the UK's strongest coffee at 1350mg per mug. The next strongest coffee weighs in at 1103mg per mug.

Grind it or buy it pre-ground and put it in your stove pot to create an espresso or equally put it in your machine for a longer cup of Joe. We won’t judge your setup.

1350mg of caffeine per mug

Best off putting 2.5 tablespoons of our medium grind in a cafetiere, filter or home coffee maker per person.

Medium grind, extra large taste and supersized caffeine.