Take any coffee you’ve ever had in the UK and then make it stronger. That's strong.

This is easy: it’s stronger. It’s the strongest coffee in the UK. The next strongest coffee weighs in at 1101mg per 354ml, whereas this is 1350mg per 354ml.

Grind it or buy it pre-ground and put it in your stove pot to create an espresso or equally put it in your machine for a longer cup of Joe. We won’t judge your setup.

Medium grind, extra large taste and supersized caffeine.

1350mg of caffeine per 354ml mug

Best off putting 2.5 tablespoons of a medium grind in a cafeteria, filter or home coffee maker per person.

Not necessarily, there are lots of variations between species of bean that impact caffeine more than the roast.

Very Strong Coffee is the UK’s strongest coffee, packing 1350mg of caffeine per 354ml, which is 249mg more caffeine per serving than the next strongest coffee.