Very Strong Coffee is EXACTLY what it says on the pack. A super-strength coffee for those who love a BIG caffeine hit and lots of flavour! Guaranteed to kick-start your day.

Let’s start with the beans. We only use 100% Robusta beans, which as the name suggests, pack a real punch and are at the core of our Very Strong Coffee.

Once we select the very best beans, we start the roast. Hot rolling the beans until the first ‘crack’—then we crank up the heat which locks in the intense, full-bodied flavours.

How to brew a very strong coffee:

To get the very best from your bag of Very Strong Coffee please follow the brewing instructions carefully:

making coffee with a Cafetiere

Use 25g of coffee per 340ml hot (not boiling) water.

Brew for 4 minutes, stir before plunging.

making coffee with a Filter

Use 25g of coffee per 340ml water.

Allow to drip through filter.

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